The Hottest Days In History

The Hottest Days In History

As we approach the hottest months in the year, the Earth begins to heat up at a rapid pace which leads to an increase in heat waves, droughts, natural disasters, and newer infections as bacteria and fungi adjust to warmer temperatures. These unnatural temperature increases already are devastating to human

health, agricultural and economic sectors, and leading to loss of human life due to a myriad of factors.

As of July 6th 2023, the Earth faced its hottest day ever recorded, three days in a row. The historic heat reached 17.01 degrees Celsius (62.62 degrees Fahrenheit) and two days after was broken as temperatures climbed to 17.18 degrees Celsius (62.92 degrees Fahrenheit). These deadly heat waves have already killed 112 people in Mexico since March and several other countries such as India and China are facing their deadly heat waves, leading to industrial stagnation and deaths because of overheating equipment and heat stroke.

We at Novarus Technologies are working to develop new technologies and strategies to help address this issue of extreme heat by designing and developing new materials for buildings to help cut down on temperatures inside buildings to help workers prevent heat stroke. However, climate change is a global issue that requires the collective efforts of governments, companies, and individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ensure the next generation, our generation, has a safe and healthy world to live in the future.

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