About Us

A few years ago, my mom visited India to meet her family. One day during her stay, she Facetimed me while preparing to go out. I noticed she was wearing protective gear - safety glasses and N-95 masks. This was well before Covid became a global concern. I inquired about her attire. She explained that the air pollution was so severe that she struggled to breathe whenever she stepped outside. This stayed with me, though I didn't take immediate action.

Several months later, I had the opportunity to visit India myself. Experiencing the air pollution firsthand was truly unbearable, and it made me think about those who had to endure it daily. Upon returning to the US, I resolved to address this issue. I delved into extensive research to understand air pollution and explore potential solutions. After dedicating countless hours to studying filtration materials, I initially developed a system incorporating a HEPA filter integrated into a tube, which was affixed to a face bandana. Seeing my aunt find relief filled me with immense satisfaction, but the impracticality of the tube posed a challenge. To overcome this, I engineered a wearable filter-housing box for the arm. Unfortunately, its appearance, reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner, led to its rejection by users, highlighting the importance of aesthetic design.

Adapting to this feedback, I integrated my solution into a COVID mask by substituting multiple layers. With pride, my aunt donned this air purifier, venturing out for her Diwali shopping after a decade-long hiatus.

During this same period, I conceived a portable water filter. The idea struck me while en route to my grandparents’ place from the airport. I observed people collecting water from rivers contaminated with garbage and sewage, resorting to boiling it in an attempt to purify it. The prototype I developed resembled a DIY water filter, constructed from commonly available items. However, acquiring and assembling these materials was not practical. I conducted further research and managed to amalgamate materials from various industries utilized for removing pollutants from crops and other environments. This resulted in a new water filter that effectively harnessed these resources, capable of eliminating a wide spectrum of contaminants that no other filter could.

After years of intensive research and development, I officially established Novarus Technologies with the mission of providing accessible and affordable products for all.